State and National Events

Gizzard City Lunch Trip

  • Saturday, August 28

  • Meet at Gizzard City at 11:30am

  • Check out their website here

  • Please RSVP with your Diocesan President or via the Facebook by Tuesday, 8/24 so that we can give a headcount to the restaurant

KonB State Christmas Party

  • December 3rd & 4th

  • Best Western Hotel in Okemos, MI

  • Room Rates: $85 standard room/$115 suites

  • Phone: 517-349-8700

  • Friday: Dinner at Lucky's Steak House, back at hotel for beverages and camaraderie

  • Saturday: 4pm mass, Golden Coral for dinner, lottery scratch off exchange

  • What to bring: snack foods and beverages

2022 MI KofC State Bowling Tournament

  • Co-hosted with Bishop Murphy Council

  • February of 2022

KonB Eastern Timezone Rally

  • June 9-12, 2022

  • To be held in Wytheville, VA

  • Details TBA

2023 KonB International Rally (6th Bi-Annual)

  • To be held in Branson, Missouri

  • Dates and Details TBA

Diocesan Events

Detroit Archdiocese

  • Firehouse Run

    • Saturday, September 11th

    • Providing meals for 5-6 firehouses in honor of 9/11 and honoring 1st responders

    • Deliver at approx. 4pm

    • We will need helpers for cooking and delivering (cars are very helpful)

    • More details at next meeting

  • Bishop Murphy "Cancer Sucks" Fundraiser

    • Saturday, September 11, 2021

    • Details TBA

Gaylord Diocese

  • Posen Potato Festival

    • Sunday, September 12th

    • Riding in the parade along with our State Deputy

    • Gather at Posen, MI baseball field prior to 11am (meet at KofC float)

    • Parade begins at 1:30pm

    • Please RSVP with Gaylord PoD Dave Powierski

Other Events